How Exit Ready is your business?

80% of businesses never get sold.

Whether you’re getting ready for an exit in the short term, have a longer timeline in mind or haven’t given this any thought at all… there are steps you can take today to ensure you get exit ready.

Start now by taking our 4 minute quiz to discover How Exit Ready your business is against 5 priority areas needed for a seamless and profitable exit.

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What are the 5 priority areas?

These are the 5 areas your business will be rated on to determine how exit ready you are and to give you your actionable next steps to get exit ready.


Do you know how much your business is worth?

Knowing how much your business is worth means you’ll be better equipped to either deal with an unsolicited offer or take the actions required to make your business worth to fulfil your future financial needs. Don’t leave it to guess work.


How dependent is your business on you?

If your business can’t run without you, it’s hard to sell or pass on. Making sure the business can work without you makes it easier to sell for better terms and a smooth exit.


What is your current team make-up?

Having a great team is key because they keep the business running. When you leave, the new owner will want to know the team can handle things.


How efficiently do you manage your business?

Good governance means your business is organised and does things the right way. This makes it more attractive to someone who might want to buy it.


Have you done a ‘healthy check’ on your business?

Before someone buys a business, they want to look closely and make sure everything’s okay. Preparing for this check helps in selling your business without surprises.

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About Me:

Christine Nicholson – Business Mentor, Author and Speaker.

Astonishingly, over 50% of businesses close their doors after decades of hard work, with no forward planning…leading not only to utter heartache but potentially a poorer financial future.

If I can change this statistic by even 1%, I know I can profoundly impact businesses, communities, and society.

And that’s my mission.

Everything I do to support clients just like you, comes directly from over 3 decades of hands-on experience – I don’t rely on theory.


I catapulted my maiden venture from a fresh start to a £4.5m turnover in under 15 months.


I’ve transformed, guiding a high-tech engineering firm from the brink of bankruptcy to an 8-figure exit in just a year and a half.


I helped my most recent client to negotiate 11x more for his business than his original unsolicited offer

But it’s not all just about strategy and tactics…

I’ve journeyed through highs and lows of business and deeply understand the challenges business founders face… especially when intricately involved in daily operations.

And I also understand how difficult it can be to be torn between the business you build from the ground up… to planning for someone else to take the reins.

So let’s get started by seeing in just 4 minutes, where your business is at.

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Accreditations and Awards

Not only has Christine got the business battle scars that make her an experienced Business Mentor – she also has the following accreditations and awards that are evidence of her ability to create big impacts for you and your business.

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